Quilts & Duvets

A good night's sleep starts with the right quilt. A quilt (also known as duvet or doona) is the most popular type of bedding as it retains warmth, breathes and absorbs moisture to deliver a comfortable sleep. A wide variety of quilts exist to suit various purposes; for warmth, climate and potential allergies. Selecting a quilt comes down to personal preference based on warmth, weight and fibre requirements. Below is a 2 step guide to help with choosing the right quilt for you. 1. Invest in the right quilt filling (4 Types): -Try our popular feather and down quilts if you prefer warmth without the weight. -Cotton is a natural fibre recognised for its quality, comfort and light weight. Cotton quilts are also perfect for allergy sufferers as they are non-allergenic. -The ultimate renewable resource, wool is a natural fibre and insulator that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. - Our Microfibre quilts are designed for those who want the look and feel of feather and down, but for allergy reasons are unable to enjoy natural fibre products. 2. Warmth: Our unique combination tie system gives you the flexibility to combine or separate two quilts to increase or decrease the warmth to suit your needs as the seasons change. Look out for this flexible feature available in Morgan & Finch feather and down quilts as well as our Cotton House All Seasons Wool Quilt package. Designing and manufacturing since 1960, Bed Bath N’ Table knows bedding. Discover our wide range of quilts, pillows, blankets and underblankets in various sizes. Our Hungarian Goose Down Quilt is available in super king size.